So that’s what’s under their white coats!

Based on my history of Google searches and relevant websites I visit, Google Now thought I might be interested in a veterinary calendar featuring vet students in the nude. I know the suggestion was based on the 30,000 times I’ve typed “veterinary…” but I still felt judged.

Google knows me well.

The article by Daily Mail News read

“So that’s what’s under their white coats!┬áVeterinary students strip off for saucy nude calendar… and pose with strategically placed animals.”

Fourth year students from the University of Sydney created the calendar as a fund-raising project for Greyhound rescue. Although I’d never heard of it before, this was the 10th annual nude calendar and the first time they hired a professional photographer. The posed pictures have various animals (dog, sheep, horses…fish) and most of the scenes were done in good taste. The whole thing looks like fun! There’s one or two photos that might make something think…hmmm, maybe not so tasteful. (sheep guys photo is the one I’m referring to).

I’m sharing a couple of my favorite photos from the calendar below. If you want to see more of the calendar, Google is of assistance or you can visit the Facebook page for their annual calendar, “Under the Overalls.” For $20, you can purchase one of your own…but last I read they only made 200 prints and unless they increased their production, I doubt there are any left.