Post-Vet School Reading List

I have been working on a post-vet school reading list. In celebration of my liberation and newly acquired free time, I will be doing some long-overdue optional reading. I’m going to read because I want to. And because now I will actually have time to.

Ironically, all of the books on my list are veterinary novels.

post-vet-school novel line-up

Equine ER by Leslie Guttman

Vetting: The Making of a Veterinarian by Dr. Pete Freyburger

Love is the Best Medicine by Dr. Nick Trout

The First Vet by Linda Chamberlain

Horse Vet: Chronicles of a Mobile Veterinarian by Courtney Diehl

I plan on doing a mini-review after reading each book, and will post them to the blog. If anyone has a vet novel they recommend, please please please share!!! I’m thinking of creating a page listing veterinary novels with mini-reviews and would love to get people’s recommendations. Of course, the works of big H will be amongst the titles.