the Never-Ending 4th Year

In the Beginning…

A couple months into this final year of veterinary school, I began entertaining the idea of chronicling the day-to-day student life. There have been stories of angry clients, heartbreaking cases, famous patients, vengeful classmates, tyrannical residents, resilient interns and stories I’ve already forgotten. Since my closest friends have rotation schedules that could not be more different than mine, we only see each other every other month. We would pick an evening to catch-up with the sincere expectation that we would discuss things other than vet school. The reality of our mini-reunions was an open tab at the local bar and hours of venting, exchanging our best stories, sharing lessons learned and keeping the motivation tank full.

And laughing.

Lots of laughing.

Basically, we had ourselves a social event for group therapy sessions. About half-way through veterinary school, our reunions became less frequent because of scheduling, being on call, interviews, externships, preceptorships, crises, sickness and so on. Although nothing like the 8-to-close pub social group therapy session, I decided to board the blog train.

My original intentions were pretty much just to toot my own horn…not in the ego sense, but rather in the sense that I’m the only one on my train. The blog would serve as a record (no more forgetting stories that I want to remember) and an outlet (basically venting without the social repercussions one could face on a daily basis). The frequency and length of my entries are directly correlated to the amount of free time I have, my energy level and the hours of sleep I’m getting. And, so it’s no surprise that I haven’t been writing as often as I would like.

What I have noticed is that I want to share. Knowledge, tips, apps, books, websites, humor…anything remotely related to veterinary medicine. I love the comradely feeling and sense of community upon discovering an ecard or meme that makes me laugh and say “EXACTLY!” Nothing like having someone express precisely what you’re thinking/feeling, especially when you couldn’t have explained I better yourself. While still a place to vent and chronicle this fourth year, I ultimately want to shed light on the less glamorous, mentally taxing yet rewarding world that is veterinary school and the veterinary profession.

More than that, I hope the occasional person laughs and says “EXACTLY!”


The Q

After the initial shock that real people actually read my entries, I immediately followed it up with a heavy episode of blushing. Just wwwwriting about tttthis, I am already blushing. Before the fit of blushing was over, I felt flattered and let’s just say it makes my day. I soak up all the wonderful feedback, support, advice and stories that have been generously shared . I repeat, it makes my day.

Over the past 5 months, one question occurs more frequently than all the others. To phrase the question in an entertaining way, is my fourth year the never-ending story of veterinary school.

Shit, I hope not.


The Never-ending 4th Year

If it was a movie it wouldn’t be in the fantasy young adult fairy tale section next to my childhood favorite movie featuring a boy and flying dog. It would be a nightmare. The shelf would have the Saw, Saw [insert any Roman numeral here], then Texas Chainsaw Massacre followed by The Never Ending 4th Year.

Hollywood aside, the honest answer is my 4th year will be completed in exactly 4 weeks. Those who noticed, I am in the graduating class of 2015. While most of my classmates graduated three months ago, I had to rearrange my fourth year rotations and this left me graduating in September. I missed 3 months of my fourth year due to sickness and family circumstances.

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