Instagram for Vets

Yes, it really does exist.

After taking Plumb’s up on their offer for a free subscription for students, I followed up with yet another score.


For vets.


Every couple of months, I sweet through the android Google play store to see if there has been any developments in the Veterinary app realm. It is here, I discovered Vet Viral. Behold, the app dedicated to the morbid, unusual and grotesque dimension that is pathology. And, fitting nicely with this week’s theme, the app and membership is FREE.
Much like Instagram, you can view feeds according to species or specialty preference. Comment, like, follow, post…you can also obtained a verified status (receive a check mark next to your user name) if you provide proof of enrollment in veterinary school or your doctorate.

You can become a member right away, pending your confirmation of the e-mail address you use. After that, you have access to all the functional aspects of the android app. I submitted an image of my student ID a couple days ago, and have not yet been verified…I’m not too interested in getting my studentship legitimized but at the time, I figured what the heck.


Available on the Google play store (here), I think this app is also available on iTunes. I’ve enjoyed perusing through the various postings, most with captions providing signalment and a tentative or definitive diagnosis.

The only downside I’ve identified so far, is that this app is fairly unknown to most. Whether the makers of the NAVLE study software, Vetprep, just failed to adequately market it or else this is some type of beta program…either way, let’s get this thing going!


Seriously, go register. I think this app has a lot of potential to be both educational, informative and another way to decrease the vertical climb of the new grad learning curve.

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      1. It’s really cool! A lot of vets are using instagram in this way already, but this has more fine-tuning to suit vets more.. like the species and sepcialties searches. And there is way more discussion on the viralvet posts!


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