Veterinary Applications I Use

I purchased my first smart phone about two years ago, and since then, I’ve done some major experimenting and playing with the various veterinary-medicine related apps out there. I also recently purchased the Samsung Note Pro 12.2 to facilitate easier reading of textbooks (my 187 textbooks are all .PDF or .ePUB etc…)

I’m always up for trying new applications for Android, but I’ll admit I have high standards for the user-interface. Ease of access or level of intuitiveness follows a close third. The most improtant aspect of the app is the legitamacy of the facts. Because, there are definitely apps out there that lack legitamacy. Just ask the genius who invented an app that gives off high frequencies to kil heartworms. I don’t even know enough about physics or electromagnetics in order to come up with a simple reason why this is not a valid treatment…I just use common sense.

In no particular order of preference or love, I have a screenshot below all the vetmed-related apps I have on my tablet or phone.